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There is no place on Earth that has not been described by man. Some, such as the big cities, have hundreds of thousands of bibliographic references, others barely have some lines in some forgotten work.

World Literary Atlas wishes to reclaim the literary heritage of all cities, villages and places of the world by gathering descriptions and comments thereon that have been left by the writers in their works. With it we shall create a much more rich and diverse way of seeing our cities, villages, monuments, rivers, etc.

If your favorite city or place does not appear in World Literary Atlas and if you know any book or author who has written about them, feel free to post the first citation. On the other hand, if you already have an entry of your own, you can collaborate with the page of your city by providing new citations or rectifying, expanding and contextualizing the already existing ones.

You can add a new citation to a place without being registered. However, you must register and log in to modify, rectify or expand an already existing article.Working with World Literary Atlas is very easy, but if you have any doubts you can visit the section How to post or edit a quote. And if it does not yet exist in your language, you can also help by visiting the Languages page.

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