Quotes of Books about London

If one wants to get a sense of what a house from the "Fountain Tavern" the days of the Great Fire was like, one should go from the Fountain Tavern with its Peppy Memorial Room along Fleet Street to the most literary public house of London: "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese".


"And then finally London, after these unspeakably ugly, grey and rusted suburbs, tantalised by the occasional gracious glance of green, followed by the explosion of words in full and varied illumination from the rooftops and shops in all colours, yellow and green and red and blue, sparkling cries


There was a time when I thought I could read the streets of London. I thought I could peer into the ramps and passages, into the smoky dispositions, and make some sense of things. But now I don’t think I can. Either I’m losing it, or the streets are getting harder to read. Or both.

Paris is the city for love at first sight. Rome is known as the capital of sensual living. Venice is art that has become a city. And Bruges is a huge museum of commerce elevated ti art in the early modern era.