London´s effect

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Paris is the city for love at first sight. Rome is known as the capital of sensual living. Venice is art that has become a city. And Bruges is a huge museum of commerce elevated ti art in the early modern era. In contrast, London´s effect is one of "inexhaustible presence", as Harry Graf Kessler, one of the great minds of Europe of the early 20th century, a true Anglophile and "cultural networker" avant la lettre, noted in his diary in July 1912.

Admittedly you also travel to London to view the historic buildings (...). But that ist not London. London´s ability to get under your skin has relatively little in common with Tower Bridge and Big Ben. This chaotic system called London, this functioning urbanism always on the verge of collapse, lures us with the offer of anonymity, interspered with apparent intimacy.

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Görner, Rüdiger (2007). London Fragments. A Literary Expedition. London: The Armchair Traveller at the bookHaus. ISBN: 9781906598730. Page 3.

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