Jose Marti on Mob Violence in New Orleans, 1891

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From this day on no person who has known pity will set foot in New Orleans without horror. Here and there groups of murderers still appear and disappear, their rifles on their shoulders. Another group made up of lawyers and tradesmen, broad-shouldered, blue-eyed, can be seen with guns at their hips and a leaf on their lapels—a leaf from the tree on which they have hanged a dead man, a dead Italian, one of the nineteen Italians that had been jailed under suspicion of having murdered Chief of Police Hennessy. An American jury had acquitted four of the nineteen, the trials of others had been interrupted because of errors, still others had not yet been indicted.

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From: Martí on the USA – Selected and Translated with an Introduction by Luis A. Baralt / Southern Illinois University Press, 1966

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