Legal disclaimer

Copyright and Right to Quote
World Literary Atlas (hereinafter WLA) categorically rejects the reproduction of complete chapters, unduly large and irrelevant excerpts or complete works protected by copyright. In such a case, any user can get registered and freely delete the content that violates the intellectual property rights of different authors.
As a new educational project that intends to compose the first universal literary atlas, WLA refers to the Universal Right to Quote to accommodate citations and excerpts from texts that refer to various places of the world, besides the subsequent analysis, contextualization and commentary thereof. These citations and excerpts must be relevant and have a length provided to meet their educational goal without infringing copyright. It is mandatory to mention the author’s name and the source of the work


Image Copyrights
WLA categorically rejects the reproduction of copyrighted images and photographs. In such a case, any user may get registered and freely delete the content that violates the intellectual property rights of different authors.


Content Validity

WLA is a collaborative website with open content, that is, a voluntary association of individuals and groups working together to develop a source of human knowledge. Its terms of use allow any person having an Internet connection, and a web browser, to modify the content of its articles or pages. Therefore, kindly note that the information found in this literary atlas has not been necessarily reviewed by the professional experts who are well versed in the subjects of the various authors and places contained therein, in a way that is required to provide complete, accurate and reliable information dealt with herein. The content of any article may have been recently changed, tampered with or altered by anyone whose version may not be consistent with the state of knowledge in the concerned areas.
None of the authors, editors, contributors, sponsors, managers, system operators, or any other person related to WLA in any way may, in any case, be considered to be legally liable for any instance of inaccurate, erroneous or defamatory information, or for its use by you in your pages or those linked to or from them. 


Notice of Liability
In accordance with what has been laid down in the aforementioned points (“Copyright and right to quote”, “Image Copyrights” and “Content Validity”), in no case shall any of the authors, contributors, sponsors, managers, system operators, sponsors, or any other person related to World Literary Atlas be liable for the content posted by the users that violates the intellectual property rights. Furthermore, they shall not be liable for the errors or inaccuracies present in its content or the negative comments, libels or slurs expressed by the users for other persons, places or organizations from its pages. As an open and collaborative page, WLA is always open to the possibility of deleting the content that is not in conformity with the law or the basic standards of truth or decency.


Registered Texts and other rights

All texts with intellectual property rights, such as photographs, videos, logos, designs, trademarks, etc. that are mentioned, used or quoted on the pages of World Literary Atlas are owned by their respective owners. Their use here does not imply that you can use them for any other purpose. The use of the concerned intangible or similar property is solely at your own peril. 


Opinions and interpretations

Unless stated otherwise, the conclusions, interpretations and opinions expressed in the articles of WLA are related to their respective authors, and do not necessarily represent the point of view of WLA. The information provided must not be construed in any other way apart from the sense in which WLA endorses, supports or subscribes to the positions, entities, individual programs, claims or demands of individuals, groups or states. 


Risk disclaimer

Certain pages of the WLA may comprise of suggestions regarding dangerous, illegal or unethical activities at various places. No author, contributor, manager, programmer, sponsor, or any other person related to WLA, in any case, is liable for the use of the information contained therein or linked to or from other websites.
WLA is not uniformly reviewed by the peers; although the readers may rectify errors or delete erroneous suggestions, they are not legally obliged to do so and consequently all the information included therein does not have any type of implicit warranty of fitness for any purpose or use whatsoever.