Copyright and Right to Quote

World Literary Atlas is a tool for knowledge, helping authors and publishing houses around the planet to disseminate their work. We strive to make sure that the readers know which books deal with the cities and places of their interest so that they may acquire them. 

World Literary Atlas categorically rejects the reproduction of work and complete chapters or unduly large and irrelevant excerpts that are protected by copyright. In such a case, any user can get registered and delete the content that violates the intellectual property rights.

As an innovative educational and cultural project, World Literary Atlas refers to the Universal Right to Quote to accommodate citations and excerpts from texts that refer to various places of the world, besides the subsequent analysis, contextualization and commentary thereof. These citations and excerpts must be relevant and have a length provided to meet their educational goal without infringing copyright. It is mandatory to mention the author’s name and the source of the work. Before proceeding any further, we suggest you to go through our entire Legal Disclaimer